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and uuuuuuum...

ramblings from a nobody

Hortense Faith or "H" for short
My name is Hortense and uuuuum... I'm not very good with words. I am here because Flatulina wanted me to join LJ, so uuuuuh... I said yes. We became friends uuuuuum... when our dads were working together back in the 80's. Neither one of us grew up with our dads, but uuuuuh.... she was always real nice to me when the other kids would make fun of me and all that... and ummmm... I'm a perfumer and right now I'm working on uuuuuum "flatulescense" for Flatulina. And um, I haven't seen her in uuum... a long time, so uuuuh.. . I'm glad we can keep in touch over the internet.