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What is going on...

OK, I thought that uuuuuuum... I would tell you all the whole story. Uuuum.... You see Flatulina is on tour, her "Feel the Heat" tour in Antartica. She is down there with Tootie... uuuum... L'Monjello... and um... her bodyguard... and uuuuum... maybe some other people, I'm not really sure about that. But uuuuuh... then a few weeks ago, at one of her concerts, Flatulina thought she saw her exboyfriend Allen Smithee. And um, this really upset her because he is a creep!

So now, Allen has an online journal, and he is bothering Flatulina, and Tootie. And uuuuuum... apparently Allen really IS in Antartica and he is trying to win Flatulina back. But uuuuuuh... flatulina doesn't want him to because she thinks he hypnotized her and that is the only reason she ever dated him. I believe it. He is uuuuuum... very creepy.

So now, uuuuuh, it seems that Allen is planning to first attack L'Monjello to get to Tootie to get to the fish to get to Flatulina. And uuuum... we will just have to see what his plan is. But I've seen him. And um, he is no stronger that Mister Burns on the Simpsons, so I don't think he can do much.

So that is about it. Uuuuuuh...

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