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uuuuh... here flatulina

maybe this will uuuuuum... uh... cheer you up.

Rearranging the letters of "flatulina fontanelle boutier" gives:

An out-of-tune, infallible alert.
A fallible, out-of-tune internal.
Lout on a fattenable nullifier.
In an out-of-tune, fallible alert.
Fortunate, fallible, inane lout.
Fallible unfortunate to alien.
Ten-foot, au naturel infallible.
An out-of-tune, fallible latrine.
Fluent, faultier, notional able.
Fool au naturel infantile belt.
An out-of-tune, inalterable fill.
Alleluia! Attention! on bluffer.
Alter an out-of-tune infallible.
Infuriate flatulent, able loon.
Foul annotate true infallible.
To infantile, unalterable foul.
Fool flea-bitten, unnatural lie.
Often infallible to au naturel.
Of infantile, unalterable lout.
Flea-bitten, unrelational foul.
Infernal, beautiful loo talent.
Alienate in fluent, brutal fool.
Alleluia! not intonate bluffer.
An out-of-tune, later infallible.
In out-of-tune, inalterable fall.
Unfortunate, fallible toenail.
Influential, untreatable fool.
Fine, unnatural, elite football.
Rat out-of-tune, infallible lean.
Unfortunate infallible to ale.
Alleluia! foul better on infant.
Alleluia! benefit or not flaunt.
Foul inebriate flatulent loan.
Alleluia! of fluent Bonnie tart.
Alleluia! alert intent buffoon.
Tearful, foul, intentional able.
Flout to inalienable flaunter.
Foul belt flaunter alienation.
Foul alien on flea-bitten ultra.
On flea-bitten, unilateral foul.
Influential, fool, beaten ultra.
Nail beautiful, tolerant felon.
Out-of-tune, fallible, alien rant.
Flout fluent, abler alienation.
Fluent fat to bonnier alleluia.
Abort not fluent, fine alleluia.
Blot foul alienate in flaunter.
Influential, foul, neat bloater.
Fun not or flea-bitten alleluia.
Flail alienate burnt-out felon.
Out-of-tune, infallible, lane rat.
Alienate full, fluent abortion.
Alleluia! foul not rant benefit.
Infantile foul to unable alert.
Belittle a fine, unnatural fool.
Of fluent, unable alliteration.
Fell on beautiful alternation.
Fearful, able, intentional lout.
Fallible lie to an unfortunate.
Foul alienate flatulent Robin.
Lout influential, notable fear.
Notable flaunter if alien lout.
A fluent if an intolerable lout.
Fallible if au naturel note not.
Fallible if au naturel tone not.
Au naturel if lenient football.
Of flea-bitten turn on alleluia.
Unfloatable nullifier to neat.
Out-of-tune, inane, tall fireball.
Out-of-tune, infantile, abler all.
Fluent fat or inalienable lout.
Foul flute able international.
Influential, fool, able taunter.
A fluent able or infantile lout.
Foul lout infantile, abler neat.
Alienate if fluent, brutal loon.
To foul if an unreliable talent.
Of flatulent, nubile rationale.
Alleluia! off notable nutrient.
An unfloatable, infertile lout.
Unfortunate, fallible, neat oil.
Tearful, infantile lout on able.
Flaunt foul retaliate in noble.
An infallible, true neat to foul.
Fine, fallible, au naturel, to not.
A foul, infantile, tolerable nut.
Attain fluent, unreliable fool.
Fool au naturel flea-bitten nil.
Of au naturel infallible to net.
Of au naturel infallible to ten.
Of infantile, unable, alert lout.
Of unable, nutritional leaflet.
Alleluia! lenient buffoon tart.
Infuriate fattenable, null loo.
Foul flout in inalterable neat.
Foul urinate not fallible neat.
Foul rule flea-bitten national.
Foul not alienate fireball nut.
Elaborate not influential flu.
Flout influential, ornate able.
A foul, influential, rotten able.
Futile, able, notional flaunter.
Alleluia! infant felon to brute.
Fool in faultier, unable talent.
Alleluia! inter buffoon talent.
Out-of-tune, infallible, real ant.
Out-of-tune, brilliant, anal feel.
Infuriate foul label on talent.
Infuriate fallen notable lout.
No lout a fattenable nullifier.
Fluent, fallible urea notation.
Foul to fluent, inalienable rat.
An able, futile, intolerant foul.
Fool au naturel belittle in fan.
Of flatulent, inalienable rout.
Out-of-tune fireball in all neat.
Out-of-tune, able, internal flail.
Not lie a fallible unfortunate.
Flute brutal felon alienation.
Fuel in flatulent elaboration.
Elaborate in flatulent foul in.
Foul fluent able in alteration.
Obliterate in fluent, anal foul.
Lout neater, fallible fountain.
Alleluia! fourteen infant blot.
A foul, infantile, tolerant blue.
Baneful if not rotten alleluia.
A fluent, inalterable if on lout.
Fool till an au naturel benefit.
Often trouble infant alleluia.
Of flea-bitten ill on au naturel.
Alleluia! No! Attention! bluffer.
Rant out-of-tune, infallible ale.
Out-of-tune, infertile, banal all.
A tearful, infantile, noble lout.
Foul on faultier able in talent.
Foul intonate liable flaunter.
Foul able 'n' fluent retaliation.
Foul lout fine, inalterable ant.
Too influential, able flaunter.
Trouble alone influential fat.
Influential, unalterable foot.
Foul lout infertile, banal neat.
Foul enable to infantile ultra.
Infantile, foul, tolerable aunt.
Not foul unreliable if a talent.
Fool blunt alienate fine ultra.
Alleluia! ten-foot, fluent brain.
Of faultier union label talent.
Of foul until inalterable neat.
Alleluia! of flea-bitten nun rot.
Of fine, notable till au naturel.
Alleluia! of neater if not blunt.
Intonate off blunter alleluia.
Unfloatable, nutritional feel.
A rental, out-of-tune infallible.
Out-of-tune 'n' inalterable flail.
Noble foul in a faultier talent.
I foul fluent, able alternation.
Foul fault in intolerable neat.
Foul intonate inalterable flu.
Alone foul in flea-bitten ultra.
Influential, foul, notable rate.
Influential, foul, notable tear.
Influential foul to abler neat.
Foul beat on influential alert.
Eaten influential, brutal fool.
Foul rout infallible, neat neat.
On fine, beautiful, tolerant all.
Alleluia! fluent infant to bore.
Alleluia! notable if rotten fun.
Unnatural felon if able toilet.
In an intolerable, fateful lout.
Fifteen brutal alleluia on not.
An out-of-tune, ill, neat fireball.
Foul foul eaten brilliant neat.
Lout foul neat neat in fireball.
Foul belittle if ornate annual.
Au naturel fool in tall benefit.
Often brain to fluent alleluia.
Of flatulent, inalienable tour.
Alleluia! of fat, nutrient noble.
Of infantile bell to au naturel.
Of unnatural if alone belittle.
Alleluia! of blunter neat if not.
Future, fallible, notional neat.
Fool taunt able, neat nullifier.
To a tearful, influential noble.
Alleluia! fluent afternoon bit.
Fuel fluent, anal obliteration.
It alien foul notable flaunter.
No flea-bitten, unilateral foul.
Foul not alienate unable flirt.
Foul notable flair lieutenant.
Influential, foul, ornate table.
Ruin alienate fluent football.
Not fine, fatal, unreliable lout.
Foul trouble an infantile tale.
Infantile, foul neutral to able.
Flail beautiful, tolerant none.
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